The Phoenix – May 2013

After a long year, I can now sit back and take a deep breath. It’s all over. University, The Phoenix… done! I’m not graduated yet, I still have another six weeks until that happens, but for now I’m going to sit back and enjoy my few remaining weeks of student-hood. Until a week ago, it was make or break what degree I would come out with. I was flirting with a first for the majority of the year, but unfortunately, my dissertation let me down right at the end and didn’t hit the mark I was hoping for. Therefore, I have achieved a 2:1 degree in Journalism. I’m delighted with it and it’s great to finally be finished, but what next? God only knows for now!

Back to the short term… for one reason or another, the final issue of The Phoenix never came to fruition. Unfortunately due to times constraints, exams, lack of demand (everyone’s gone home!) the final Phoenix was written but never published.

However, the Sports team – in particular our editor Dan Lewis – were very busy over the last month and I thought it was a shame that there work would not be showcased. Therefore, despite us choosing not to go to print, I’ve gone ahead and designed the pages anyway.

So here it is, our final Phoenix sport:

There was never going to be another back page story to top Cardiff City’s Championship triumph! It’s great news for the city, great news for the club and great news for the University. It’s a shame I’m leaving now that Premier League football is here, but I’m happy for them nonetheless!

final issue4Next up was the Glamorgan Water Polo team going for the double, a double winning coach stepping down, and a second place finish for the Cheerleading team at this year’s nationals!

final issue3Next, we had another Coach leaving the University after seven exceptional years with the Volleyball teams. Glamorgan Men’s basketball ended there unbeaten season without a rout against Plymouth and three of Glamorgan’s rugby stars represented the Welsh Universities against their English counterparts.

final issue2

Finally, we have another page dedicated to Cardiff City. A blog focusing on the rivalry to be renewed with Swansea, and a smaller piece on the benefits to the University. The other page is two features on current Glamorgan scholars.

final issue

So that’s it for ‘The Phoenix’. It’s been fantastic to be a founder, contributor and designer of the paper. We are all immensely proud of it and we hope it encourages future Glamorgan – or soon to be known as University of South Wales – students to get involved with student media. It’s unlikely ‘The Phoenix’ has a future as the majority of team are moving on to pastures new, but hopefully the journalism students coming through can create something similar!

I’ve learnt a lot from this experience and being part of the design team has been great fun. It’s been a pleasure to work with the whole team and I wish them all the best of luck wherever they end up.

I feel I have to give special thanks to our Sports Editor Dan Lewis, whose organisational skills and contribution to The Phoenix made the Sports Section so strong and extremely popular around campus. Finally, thanks also to Huw Hawkins and Erik Skavold, the other two members of our design trio. Whilst we all had our own styles and our own opinions, we worked together to create something good!


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