Wales This Week

wales this week

Last month, ITV programme Wales This Week broadcast a show called “Rising Damp, Rising Rent”, investigating private rental housing in Cardiff.

The student house I am living in was featured, as were my house-mates and I. We’ve had a year full of problems with the house and decided that we were going to approach the press to see if they would be interested in our story. As it happened, Davina Payne – a Freelance journalist – was invesigating the topic at the time and came to see us and the property. After a quick look around, it was clear we’d be a good example.

I’m sure our house isn’t the worst student property out there, but it’s very bad and is an example of how letting agents and Landlords think they can get away with neglecting there tenants on the ground that there students.

The full show can be seen here, with myself featuring a few times in the second half of the programme.

For what it’s worth, we still haven’t been compensated and I think we’re at the point now that we’ve pretty much accepted we won’t be.


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  1. do you no longer update your blog ?

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