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Flatholm Photography

Last month the Television students on our course took a two day trip to Flatholm Island to make some promotional videos for them. Whilst there, we had plenty of chance to film and take photos of the scenic island. Here are some of the best photos I captured: We enjoyed a BBQ while we were […]

The Phoenix – May 2013

After a long year, I can now sit back and take a deep breath. It’s all over. University, The Phoenix… done! I’m not graduated yet, I still have another six weeks until that happens, but for now I’m going to sit back and enjoy my few remaining weeks of student-hood. Until a week ago, it […]

The Phoenix – March 2013

This time last week, I still had a seven hour shift ahead of me as we frantically added the final touches to the March issue of The Phoenix. After celebrating my 21st birthday at the end of February, it was a pretty busy couple weeks at University, with deadlines flying at us from everywhere. My […]