This year I had the opportunity to be part of a production team to work alongside Wales-based charity Mind Cymru. Mind Cymru are the Welsh branch of nationwide charity MIND.  As a charity, Mind Cymru tackles mental health – a subject which in modern society is still very stigmatised – in Wales. However the fantastic […]

This time last week, I still had a seven hour shift ahead of me as we frantically added the final touches to the March issue of The Phoenix. After celebrating my 21st birthday at the end of February, it was a pretty busy couple weeks at University, with deadlines flying at us from everywhere. My […]

In November 2012, The Office of National Statistics released their annual report about wages in the United Kingdom. The figures showed that the average wage in the UK for men is £28,713, compared to £23,074 for their female counterparts. On face value the report looked pretty straightforward, but when digging deeper, it emerged that in […]